Mere Khaab Raiza Raiza

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Description Mere Khaab Raiza Raiza is a Social Reformal Novel by Todays very popular female writer Maha Malik. She is one of the most popular female writer of this age. She has written variety of stories on the social reformal issues. One of them is Mere Khaab Raiza Raiza. She has written in all popular women digests and her readers wait for her novels. Greed and wanting more and more is also part of human nature and this is the theme of thi novel. Her fans will love her novels on The basic theme of this novel is the human feelings of greed, rapacity and supremacy. The novel is an excellent effort on a very common and sensitive issue i.e., showing off and craving for things we don-t have but our friends have. This is very common in females and this story is just a right thing for girls to read and think over it. Some people just can-t get enough out of their lives, they want more and more, no matter how much they get. They only look up to go higher without realising, how much it will cost them or their lovedones. Zainab, the main character of this novel, is a representative of these kind of people in our society. She always wanted more and more and running after the glowing things thinking of them gold. She wanted to live higher in the sky among stars, but she could not even find the fireflies in this world. All she got was burnt hand and she lost everything she had.
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Comments on Mere Khaab Raiza Raiza


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Joined: Dec 16, 2014

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Posted 07/25/16 - 12:58:30:

How to download this book offline.
I want to read this book and keep it in my record.
riya ch
riya ch
Posted 12/05/12 - 19:25:06:

its very nice novel.. i m cry while reading this novel..sad
Suddiyas Nawaz
Suddiyas Nawaz
Posted 09/02/12 - 11:21:24:

It is a very nice novel..I really like its beginning...and the scene of Ramla and zainab's death is very tragic..
zoya khan
zoya khan
Posted 09/01/12 - 00:37:49:
Subject: sorrow
muje ye novel pr kr boht dukh howa ha hm jesasi jitni larkiyon ki b is tarha k khawahis ha wo na karien ameeeeeeeeeeeeen
Posted 04/20/12 - 14:11:30:
Subject: Assalam o Alaikum
Its great novel, i already read some part in Pakeeza anchalwhen i was in school,i like the script, story and dialogues.
I love the Ehsan Character ,but i cried in last parts since after Ehsan accident.
I don't like end, if they reunite then it will be good.
One more thing is that, nothing wrong happend to Sikandar Shah.
I don't Zainab was greedy, she was impatient and somewhat mentally ill because if she was greedy then why she wanted Ehsan back in her life.Thats why she didn't deserve this ending.
Anyway i like the staring part , cute husband wife and they relationship.

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Posted 02/20/12 - 17:04:21:

its Great novel.i like too much.. all characters playing role very wonderful..all the words very deeply...old not save a long time.and money don't work any place
Posted 02/16/12 - 02:18:31:

Novel is great. The end is fantastic. I love Maha Malik
Posted 09/04/11 - 20:29:07:

maza aa giya. likin ihsan k sath insaf nahin hoa.
Posted 08/14/11 - 22:55:03:
Subject: meray khawab reza reza
bohat zabardast
is ka end
so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
but dua hay k aisi zindagi kisi ko na milay.Ameen
may nay yah novel kal rat ko hatam kia or hatam kr k sari rat roti rahi
shaking headmay khwab nai dakhti kio k ya toot jatay hay may duain mangti hon kio k ya qabool ho jati hay ap sab say request hay k meray liay dua karain k meri tomam naik duainm qabool hon....Ameen
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Posted 08/01/11 - 08:05:07:

nodbhot acha novl tha lekin alam shah ko syed bna kr itna bura role acha nea kia.confused

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