Urdu Prose (Nasar)Mazameen (Essays), Afsaane (urdu short stories), Tanqeed o Tabsara (Criticism), dramas, novels, safernaama (travelogue) and much more

Articles, Essays, Columns, and every other kind of urdu writing
17 listings

Auto Biographies (Khud Nosht Sawaneh Hayat) of Urdu Writers, Poets etc.
4 listings

Urdu Moral and Interesting Stories for Kids and Pre-Teens, BachoN ki dunia, bachoN ka adab
8 listings

Books on or about Ikhlaqiat (moral values), like Aqwal-e-Zarren, Quotations, Sufi Teachings, Islamic and Social Teachings (about moral values)
4 listings

Books about all time favourite Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib, his literary work and life.
1 listing

Humour, Funny, Satire (tanz o mazaah), jokes, light mode writings and stuff to make you laugh and enjoy.
17 listings

Books about hunting wild beasts causing trouble for men, mostly maneaters of Africa and India
4 listings

Books on Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal, his life, his personality, his literary work and his poety.
3 listings

Books on and about Islamic History, Great Islamic Personalities, Sahaba Karaam, Khulfa-e-Rashideen and later Islamic Rulers...
4 listings

Books on Medical, Diseases, Physical Health and Different Treatment Methods like Psychopathic, Allopathic, Homeopathic, Acupuncture, Chinese and Indian Herbal etc.
3 listings

Books on or about Purisrar Uloom (Paranormal Sciences) Pseudoscience, Parapsychology, like Telepathy, Hypnotism, Palmistry, Card Reading, Star Reading (Zodiac Signs) and more
2 listings

Books on or about Insani Nafsiyat (Human Psychology). Your key to success in life.
3 listings

Books on all Religions like Islam, Hindusim, Christianity, Jewism, Hinduism, Budhism and all other "isms".
33 listings

Research Works, Criticism and Compilation about others writers poets and personalities.
29 listings

Short Stories (Afsanay) of Famous & Wellknown Urdu Writers Urdu Adab ke mash-hoor o maroof adeeboN ke bahtareen afsanay (short stories)
37 listings

Books and Articles on and about Pakistan Studies, History, Politics and Current Affairs
5 listings

Des Des ke Safer namay (Travelogue), mazay ki batain, nagri nagri phira musafir
9 listings

Urdu Adab (Literature) ke dramas (dramay), TV Plays, Stage Dramas, One Act Plays or bhi bohot kuchh
6 listings

Selection / Collection of Columns, Articles, Inshaaie and Character Sketches.
6 listings

Some of the best novels from Urdu Literature. Urdu Adab ke chand aik khoobsurat, shohra afaaq, action adventure romantic novels
391 listings

Books on History of the world and men and places who made their place in the history.
7 listings
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