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Super Fast Agent Safdar Saeed Imran Series Novel by Khalid Noor

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Fast Agent Imran Series Spy Action Novel by Khalid Noor

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Super Agent is a Spy Action Adventure Imran Series Novel by Khalid Noor A New Name in Imran Series Novels Writing. Safdar Saeed is a very prominent Agent of Pakasia Secret Service. His performance, intelligence and dedication to his work is excellent. Once in the past, he was nominated for Pakasia Secret Service Chief X-3. He also earned his nick name Super Agent Safdar after completing some impossible missions. In this Novel, Russian Agents stole a secret formula of Pakasian Scientist Ahsan Farani. Mr. X2, assigned Safdar to bring back the formula from Russia. American Secret Agencies also learned about this formula and wanted to get it for them, so they also deputed Jeph Martial an elite Secret Agent to steal this Formula from Russia? Soon Jeph Martial and Safdar crossed path of each other and fought a fight to death to defeat the opponent and acquire secret formula. Who won this death fight? Why X2 assigned this mission to Fast Agent Safdar and not to Pakasia Secret Service. Read this Novel Fast Agent to know the answers. We hope our Imran Series Readers will find this Novel as entertaining thriller as others.

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