Alif Allah or Insan by Qaisra Hayat (A Novel on the Mystic Relation between GOD (Creator) & Human (Creation))

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Alif Allah or Insan Urdu Novel by Qaisra Hayat

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Alif Allah or Insan by Qaisra Hayat is an outstanding novel with unique approach to write on the mystic bond of Allah (GOD) and HIS creation Human. Human is an ultimate creation of this universe. Some say, the whole universe is hidden in the Human. Like GOD, human is also a complete mystery. Scientists and Researchers are yet to find what drives the human body? What is soul? How human body organs work? Physical appearance of all human is almost same yet they are very different in nature. What are emotions? Why GOD created human, what was the purpose of creation, is human fulfilling that purpose? What is the relation of GOD and Human? Why people are so much different in themselves. Every human has same physical characteristics yet all human are different too. Every time when human realizes one of his qualities he looks up to the GOD in amazement. The drive force of the human being is GOD’s will. The novel is divided into four portions and writer discusses different qualities of human body and different emotions and human nature as well as the strong bond between GOD and Human beings, through four different stories.

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