RajKumari A Beautifully written Islamic Historic Novel on Indian States Assam and Bengal by Karam Hussain Shah Rahi

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Rajkumari is a beautifully written Islamic Historic epic Novel by Karam Hussain Shah Rahi. The novel is written on the battle of Dictator King of Assam Raja Krishan Kumar and Muslim Ruler of Bengal Ali Quli Khan. It is almost a historic document and narrates how corrupt Hindu Pandits used to play and abuse temple girls (dev dasian). Its a story of a brave dev dasi Vimla Devi who raised the voice against this inhumane cruelity and injustice. The novel is also a story of Princess ChandraKant who was the daughter of defeated King of Assam and many traitors were hunting her for the throne and how Muslim Ruler Ali Quli Khan declared her his daughter and gave shelter to her. We are sure, kitaabghar.net readers will find this story informative and entertaining.

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