Mom Ka Khilona By Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi (A Novel on Law Breakers Powerful Elements of Society)

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Urdu Novel Mom Ka Khilona by Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi


Mom Ka Khilona (Wax Toy) is a Social Romantic Novel on Law Breakers Powerful Elements of Society by Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi. The novel has small stories about those corrupt politicians, who play with the lives of common people just for their minor gains, those ruthless street criminals and target killers who are puppets in the unseen hands, those lawyers and law makers, who can bend any law like a Wax Toy. Its also a story of those patriots who are sincere with their people and country and never hesitate to sacrifice for greater good. Fayyaz Mahi other novels include : Ghungru or Kashkol, Geelay Pathar, Kaghaz Ki Kashti, Kanch Ka Masiha, Tawan-e-Ishq, Ain Sheen Qaaf.

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