Kanch Ka Maseeha By Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi (Beautiful Social Romantic Novel on the Journey of True Love)

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Kanch Ka Masiha is a Social Romantic Novel by Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi, beautifully written on the topic of Journey of Ishq-e-Majazi to Ishq-e-Haqiqi. Wealth and Poverty is two very important aspects of our society. These two aspects keep the balance in society and Rich and Poor help each others in exchange of currency and services. Those who think they can remove this difference are wrong. Kanch Ka Maseeha is a story of a rich young man who left his home and family in search of way to find Allah and to walk on the path of rightness. Rani, a Hindu girl also seeking the true path left her home and family for Love. Departure and Reunion are also part of life and sometimes essence of Love, but what happens with individuals who suffer departure, loneliness and isolation, is also discussed in this Novel.  A beautiful Novel by the sensitive writer Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi, who has many hit novels on his credit like Geelay Pathar, Ain Sheen Qaaf, Ghungru or Kashkol, Kaghaz ki Kashti and Tawan-e-Ishq.

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