Inka (Anka) A Suspense Thriller Blockbuster Urdu Horror Novel about 6-inch woman like super natural creature by Anwar Siddiqui

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Inka (Anka) is an Action Adventure Suspense Thriller Spine Chilling Horror Novel by Anwaar Siddiqui. It was a blockbuster novel based on fiction story published in Sabrang Digest back in 70s and 80s that rocked the fiction story writing worlds for four years and readers used to wait anxiously for the next issue of Sabrang Digest. Inka is a story about one 6-inch woman-like creature, who possesses amazing super natural powers and can do almost anything for her master. Many Hindu Pandit, Jogi, Sifli Aamil (black magic practioner) wanted to have Inka as a slave but she decided on her own to live on the head of Jameel Ahmad Khan as a friend. But things change when Pandit Tarbini succeeded in enslaving Inka and made the life of Jameel Ahmad Khan total miserable. Inka is one of the legendary horror story and was a record breaking series and still a very popular fiction thriller. We hope, our readers interested in Horror Thriller Stories, Kala Jadu and Sifli Amal stories will like this Novel.

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