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Jazzam is a social romantic novel by Bushra Saeed, who very expertly and beautifully developed a story with the theme that Allah puts us human in hardships to test us and then award us accordingly. Allah not only award the rightous people but also do not turn away from the sinners and misguided persons, instead HE gives them many chances to come back to the right path. The only condition is to call for HIS blessings with sincerity and true heart. It does not matter who is calling HIM, innocent AISHA (character of this novel) OR illicit JASIA. Allah always listens to everyone, sends HIS blessings to everyone. So we should never disheart from HIS Kindness.
Jazzam hamaray muashray mein moujood aise logoN ki kahani hay jo sirf khahishat ke ghulam hain, unhi ki ibadat kerte hain, nafs ko apna khuda bana lete hain. Phir unhain khahishaat ka koRh nikal aata hay. KoRhi ho jatay hain yeh log, lekin inka koRh kisi ko nazer nahi aata. Hamein tou sirf inke khubsurat chahray nazer aatay hain jin se mutasir ho ker hum bhi in jaisa ban-na chahtay hain, lekin jab unke ghanaunay batin ayaN hotay hain tou sab hi unse ghhin khatay hain, nafrat kerte hain. Lekin woh wahdahu la shareek kisi se nafrat nahi kerta. Apnay bandoN se mohabbat kerta hay or gunahgaroN ko sambhalnay ka moqa zuroor deta hay. Ager koi is moqay se faiedah uTha ker sambhal jaye, apnay gunahoN se toba ker lay tou Allah tala usay muaf ker deta hay, or jo apni rawish nahi choRta, woh tabahi ke ghaar mein ja girta hay.
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Comments on Jazzam

Posted 04/23/11 - 03:03:53:

jazzam is so beautiful novel i like it very much ...i think her writer is new because i dont know about her novels is it available on line or not .... plz tell me i want to read...
zeshan ahmad
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Posted 12/10/10 - 20:57:47:

it was a gud attempt by Bushra Saeed on a different topic
but i think the pace of story was slow
Posted 12/09/10 - 18:55:38:

hiii h r u all galti is great novel.good jobnodsmilesticking out tonguegrin
Posted 11/29/10 - 20:57:26:

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii best novel Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye is great story i like this novelwink nodcoolsmile
qasim ali
qasim ali
Posted 10/14/10 - 15:05:43:

jazzam is so beautifully woven story that it captures the heart of the reader overwhelming atmosphere of grief saddens us but a message of hope is also present aisho's character is the most innocent girl i ve ever known her demise broke my heart but in the end she is rewarded
bushra siddiqui
bushra siddiqui
Posted 09/19/10 - 17:30:52:
Subject: raqs e janu leading to jazzam
assalam o alaikum!!
first of all....i wud like to share my personal feelings to all of you, jazzam or raqs e janu was one of the ggreatest stories i ever covers the charachter of all the people those causes jazzami in our society...the character of jasia's mom described a that the weaker performance of a mom can lead their kids' life to disaster. although she did alot for jasia but her way to take jasia back to the line was totally wrong ,,, n it is somthing that is being precticed in our society. girls should be encouraged and trained effectively that they can differentiate between their well wishers n decivers. ....baqi app ny boht khob pehlu ujagr bht c lerkion ko bhatkany se roky ga....ik shehra aaafaaq tehreer ....her dor ka hissa, her door me rahnumai...awasome....mmmuccch...
Posted 07/22/10 - 13:20:27:

Posted 05/20/10 - 13:09:18:
Subject: query
m a new user of this site, how can ri read novels online?confused
Posted 04/15/10 - 13:55:19:

nodhi khwayeen digest s my fevart digest nd used to read from many years nd from last yeay i read from nt bt from march 2010 the digest s nt available on net plzzzzzzzz don,t do ths most of ur readers resd u r digest fromnt so plzzzzzzzzz up losd it on nt nd mak it avail on net asll plzzzzzzzzzzz
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Posted 07/16/09 - 13:19:06:

Sir Mujhe bataega ka ya imran kaisa Chief Bana iss ki full story kya thi kaisa aahya Joseph aur Tiger kaisa aye

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