Blank Mission (Imran Series)

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Description <br>Blank Mission is an Imran Series Novel written by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. In this Mission, Pakasia Secret Service and Ali Imran are fighting International Agents and Local Under World Criminal Elements over a Stolen Secret Formula. One Scientist who was working in Nuclear Research Laboratory of Great Land stole a formula and wanted to sell it in International Market through Pakasia Under World Criminals Mafia. Tiger, Imran's personal assistant and under cover agent to keep eye in under world activities, got severely injurred and narrowly escaped death with the help of Great Land Secret Agents. So Ali Imran and Pakasia Secret Service have to take matters in their hands and fight under world syndicates and get back the original formula for Great Land to show gratitude for saving Tiger's life. How Ali Imran and Pakasia Secret Service completed this Blank Mission? Read this Novel to find out
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Submission Date 06/26/11 (Edited 06/26/11)

Comments on Blank Mission (Imran Series)

Posted 03/02/13 - 02:47:23:

Sir g,very nice novel.bunyadi bat jo es novel mein hy wo insaniat aor ahsaan ky sat mashriq ka culture hy.
Posted 01/22/13 - 20:13:50:

good show by mazhar kaleem sb.
such a great novel
thanks kitaab ghar
Nadia Hussain
Nadia Hussain
Posted 11/24/12 - 00:26:10:

Beautiful novel,full of thrill and suspense,though missing the members of secret service esp. Julia,Safdar,Tanveer and Capt.Shakeel. In spite of all that its a good novel overall
Posted 10/06/12 - 16:52:23:

Hamesha ki tarha ye Novel bhi Unique hai...........Cunclusion pe to Kaleem Sb ny Kamaal kar diya................Wel don Mazhar Kaleem
Posted 09/08/12 - 22:38:38:

awesome like all other novels of mazhar kaleem. u r really a superb writer. ma.y allah bless unod
ahmad awan malik
ahmad awan malik
Posted 08/18/12 - 14:10:06:
Subject: help
ap ke kawish ke jitni bhe tareef ke jai woh utni he kam ho ge bal k ye ap ksath na insafi ho ge mai bhut jald 1 book publish karwany ka irada rakhta hoo or yaqeenan apke madad k baghair ye kawish puri nahi ho sakti my contact detail Are"
Posted 07/15/12 - 00:10:06:

novel ka end bohat acha hoa ha magrib k logon b pata chalna chahya k mashriq k log kitna azeem hota han
Posted 05/25/12 - 15:40:53:

sir ap ko is ko mazed follow rkna chaie tha
Posted 05/05/12 - 11:29:54:

I read dozens of your novels. And after a long break i read again some of your novels and i am surprised that when the modern technology is knocking even the rurel area. Where is internet, mobile phones, i phones, tablets. Looks like your secret service and even foreign agents always running towards land lines or public phone to make a calls. Its very funny. Looks like you are ignoring modern technology. where for a inquiry you can use intenet and search major telephone numbers, maps and much more. Imran is still reading science megazines, while such megazine now comes online.

Please update.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan
#10 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 04/14/12 - 15:44:07:

is tamam kahani mayn saari team mayn say kisi ko action mayn nahi dakha swaey tiger owr imran ky thordy say action ky

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