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Khaab-e-Jawani, a socio-moral novel, written in the backgrounds of Indo-Pak Partition period by one of the great urdu legends, M. Aslam, based on the real life characters living around us who love, hate, cheat, deceive and give away. Its a story of simple and humble era yet disclose the human nature, emotions and social problems. The main character of the novel (hero) faces many hardships in his life, family problems and social issues but he does not give hope and keep moving with high goals. The novel gives us the message to never give hope and always keep struggling, moving ahead and work hard to overcome the day to day life problems. None of the characters of this novel is fancy, all are real characters living around us and we know them very well.
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Submission Date 06/23/08

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Posted 11/21/11 - 19:37:31:

I have already read this novel. But its so good that I am reading it again. I like it very much. Its look like you part of this novel and that era is in front of you.

Good Work...
Tayyba Yasmeen
Tayyba Yasmeen
Posted 08/01/11 - 22:01:03:

Urdu novel bht zbrdst hote hain i like very much thisnodsmile
Rana Mursleen
Rana Mursleen
Posted 07/22/11 - 11:56:36:
Subject: urdu
Man urdu nawal bht pasand karta hn its very nice and beauty aur meri to ap samag gaye hn gy
shahid mubeen
shahid mubeen
Posted 12/10/08 - 17:55:50:

yah urdu ka shakar nawal ha.salm peash karth ho kitabghar ka jo us ny net par sahlath de ha khas kar un pakistani logo ko jo out od country ha.Q k urdu parny ky ley is say ache koi web side nahe ha
tanveer ahmad khan
tanveer ahmad khan
Posted 06/25/08 - 22:02:48:

yah kitab hum lagatar computer per dhakar nahai phar sakta esliya ke eyes may dard hone lagta hai agar aap save kar kay print layna day to hum esay achi tarhay parh saktay hay
Posted 06/24/08 - 12:34:09:

Hi there, it-s a very nice story. The part that made me cry was wheh a man returned from jail and found that his wife had given birth to a girl and not a boy, he then took the girl and buried her alive and while he was on his way to kill her in the desert, she was wiping his face off with her little hands so the sand doesn-t get into her eyes. After he buries her, he went to see our own Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (PBUH) and told them what he-d done and their face mubarak got wet with the tears. This story brings the message to everybody that you should stand on your own two feet and never expect anything from anybody but Allah. You must also appreciate what you-ve got. Overall a very good sotry. Huda Hafiz

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