Faakiah by Pervez Bilgrami (Suspense Thriller Mystry Novel in the Background of Iranian History & Culture)

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Urdu Novel Faakiah by Pervez Bilgrami

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Faakiah by Pervez Bilgrami is an excellent suspense thriller mystry novel, written in the background of Iranian Culture and History. Its a story of a young boy whose mother was a spiritual lady who knows the art of summoning demons (jinns) using his young boy. One day he, while in trance, saw a beautiful young princess during the act, instead of King of Demons (Shah-e-Jinnat). Beautiful princess later told him that she is a ghost of the daughter of Iranian King Nosherwan. The same man, later got very famouos in all Iran for his Roohani Roti (Spiritual Bread). We hope, our Action Adventure Mystry Stories lovers will like this Novel.

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