Teri Ulfat Me Sanam By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed (Beautiful Social Romantic Reforming Urdu Novel)


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Teri Ulfat Mein Sanam by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

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Teri Ulfat Mein Sanam is a Social Romantic Reforming Novel by Women Writer Iqra Sagheer Ahmed, who has many best sellers on her credit. Family Bonds and Emotions of Love, Hate, Greed and Sacrifice are the basic elements of this Beautifully Written Novel. The importance of wealth and money in our lives is established truth but it brings many problems in life as well. It's a story of a young arrogant spoiled girl who was so proud of her wealth, power and social status and looked down on everyone. It's a story of young man from middle class who brought up well by his parents with strong moral values and who achieved success and wealth gradually with his abilities and hardwork. The novel also tells the story of greedy people who can fall to lowest level of humanity for Money and Property.

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