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Tahi Daman Last Episode 7 Urdu Novel by Fehmi Firdos Online Reading and PDF Download at Kitab Ghar

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Tahi Daman Episode 7 Romantic Urdu Novel by Fehmi Firdos published online for Reading and PDF Download at Kitab Ghar. Tahi Daman is a very well written complex script novel which depicts normal emotions and behaviour of human like love hate greed power and fear. Tahi Daman is a story of a woman named Maher Bano, whose just one mistake made her life very difficult and forced her to walk on path of stones and thorns. Fehmi Firdos is an emerging writer who has been writing in top digests and her 4 novels have already been published by well reputed publishers. Two Novels 'Karb e Mohabbat' and 'Giraftar e Zaat' published by Sang e Meel Publications Lahore and Two Novels 'Chand Jalta Raha' & 'Dil Diya Dard Liya' published by Dua Publications Lahore. We hope Kitab Ghar Readers will like this beautiful Urdu Romantic Novel and give their feedback.