Allah Kaaba or Banda

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Description <br>Allah Kaba Or Banda is a Book on the Spiritual Journey of Hajj with all its Glory. It’s a Travelogue and Reportage of Dr. Asif Mehmood Jah's eyewitness account of Hajj and has been written while sitting in front of KAABA, ROZA RASUL and other Holy places in Makkah and Medina. Allah, Kaaba aur Banda contains feelings and expressions created during the visit of holy places in Mecca & Medina during Hajj. The Hajj pilgrimage rites performance and visits of various Holy sanctuaries is a wonderful experience. Whatever he felt in his heart and mind, he tried to capture those precious moments and images in black and white.
You may notice that the writer of this book has somewhat looks de-tracked but this is not the case. This is his emotional absorption with the situation, place and the moment that he forgot himself OR his writing is overfilled with love, passion devotion and commitment. All the narratives in this book is talk of the heart, talk of inner of the man. The talk of the feelings bursting out of his heart. These are the sobbing, groaning, crying and firehouse of sentiments which can never cool down. The book has been reviewed by eminent writers and scholars including Mr. Majeed Nazami, Mr. Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Mr. Hassan Nisar, Mr. Atta ul Haq Qasmi, Maulana Tariq Jameel, Mufti Rafi Ahmed Usmani, Dr. Anwar Sadeed and others.
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Submission Date 03:27:2013

Comments on Allah Kaaba or Banda

Avatar yumna
Posted 07:29:2013 - 09:00:38:
The second edition of Dr Asif Mehmood Jah’s book, “Allah, Kaaba and Banda” has been published. The book is first ever travelogue on Makkah and Median which has been written by the author while sitting in front of the holy Kaaba and Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) and during his visit to other places of Islam in the two holy cities.
“Allah, Kaaba Aur Banda” is not an informative, eventful story or average travelogue. This is a book which contains feelings and expressions created during the visit to the holy places in Makkah during the days of Haj. In the second part of the book, the description of these feelings is portrayed, which were created while offering Salaam at Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) and visiting various places in Medina.
The book has been widely appreciated in Pakistan and abroad. Its first edition was published in March 2013 and 5,000 copies were sold within three months.
saima sarhandi
Avatar saima sarhandi
Posted 06:18:2013 - 23:34:31:
ALLAH KABA OR BANDA ,,,ek sache dil se nikle hue lafz jo seedha insan k dil par asar karte hain...Dr.AAsif Mahmood Jaah ne nihayat aalla kitab tahreer ki kitab ko parhte hue mujhe apna hajj ka safar yaad aagaya...JAzakAllah Kher
Avatar asif
Allah Kaaba or Banda
Posted 05:09:2013 - 15:19:56:

Allah Kaaba or Banda is the firstever trvelouge in Urdu or any other language which has been written while sitting in front of Holy Kaaba,Roza-e-Rasool(peace be upon him) and other Holy and sacred Places in Makkah and Madina.
Avatar MNA
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
Posted 04:25:2013 - 19:08:33:
Good effort but its too long due to repetition of unnecessary incidents/ things, self admiration could have avoided.
Avatar Irfan
Posted 04:22:2013 - 13:13:35:
book to boht achi hai, chand aik baton ko clear kerna chahon ga, 1-namaz e jnaza her nmaz key bad nhi hoti, jab koi marta hai to sirf us ki hi nmaz e jnaza hoti hai, 2-makkah mokaram key bil-aks, masjid e nabvi key ander rona peetna mna hai, yhan bary ehtran sey kerna hota hai jo bhi kerna hota hai, 3-yeh jo wadi e jin wali bakwas hai, is ka haqeeqat sey koi taluq nhi, yeh sirf taxi walon ney batein mashoor ki huee hai, jin ja haqeeqat sey door door tak koi taluq nhi, aik continuous slop hai, jis ka pta nhi chalta or gari khud hi chalna shuroo ho jati hai 4-yeh Al-baik boht passand hai, hamein to is ka koi khaas zaiqa mehsoos nhi huwa aj tak, 5-or yeh jo madina main konwein waghera hain jin ka zikker kya huwa hai, yeh sub band hain or kissi ko in key pass janey ki ijazat nhi or 6-or harram shareef main lagi umbrellas ka ap ney zikker nhi kya jo hamari company ney lgayee hain grin
Saman Ahmad
Avatar Saman Ahmad
Allah Kaaba or Banda
Posted 04:13:2013 - 18:45:42:

I have just read this book, I loved it, and I think every Urdu knowing Muslim should read this book. It’s a beautiful journey for Kaaba and Masjid e Nabvi. True feelings of a Muslim and true love story for ALLAH SWT and Muhammad peace be upon him. May ALLAH bless the writer. Amen

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