Matti Ka Khel (Stories of Land Soil) A Socio Cultural Romantic Novel by Writer & Novelist Razzaq Shahid Kohler

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Matti Ka Khel (Stories of Soil) is a Socio Cultural and Social Romantic Novel by Writer and Novelist Razzaq Shahid Kohler written on the Injustice in our Society and Cruelty of Powerful. Its a story of relation between Man and his Land Soil. Man who emerged from Soil has very strong bond with his land. He does terrible things to expand his land, his property. He also sacrifices to save his land from invaders and land grabbers. He in his small life, dies for this land, takes other lives even close family members and blood relations. In greed a man becomes pure evil but ultimately dies and disappear in a very small piece of Land, his grave. We hope our Social Romantic Novels Readers will find this Novel interesting and entertaining and give their comments and feedback.

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