Safaid Gulab; A Social Reforming Romantic Novel by Mehmood Zafar Iqbal Hashmi

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Sufaid Gulab by Mehmood Zafar Iqbal Hashmi

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Safaid Gulab is a Social Reforming Romantic Novel written by Mehmood Zafar Iqbal Hashmi, a Jeddah (Saudia Arabia) based Writer and Novelist. The story of the novel revolves around two persons who belong to different worlds East and West. East and West have total different cultural, moral, social values and different perspectives on many things including concepts of right and wrong. The writer very skillfully developed the story of two different worlds and produced a memorable Novel. Sufaid Gulab is his first Novel and his 2nd Novel Andheray Me Jugnu is also being published and will be available in market in February, 2013.

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