Baharan Hay by Seema Munaf (A Novelette on Tawakkal (firm belief & perfect reliance on Allah)

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Baharan Hay by Seema Munaf

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Baharan Hay is a Novelette by Seema Munaf on the topic of Tawakkal (firm belief and perfect reliance on allah). She is a popular writer and has been writing in Magazines and Digests Since Long. Its a story of two girls one who has everything in life but she took all of these things as granted, never thanked GOD for all the blessings she had, even craved for more. Ultimately she lost all the blessings she had. On other hand, her friend and other lead character of this novel, initially did not have much but she believed in her Allah, prayed and thanked always. Eventually she got blessed by her True Lord with everything she ever wished and more.

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