Boqaf by Rashid Nazir Tahir (A Funny Humourous Urdu Novel with a unique theme to help you Smile)

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Boqaf an interesting and Funny Urdu Novel by Mr. Rashid Nazir Tahir

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Boqaf is an interesting and Funny Urdu Novel very well written by Mr. Rashid Nazir Tahir on the theme of Demonic Posession but with a unique different touch. This Humour Story was first published in Monthly Dar Digest (Fear Magazine). Its a story of a young novice Jinn (Demon) who posessed a Beautiful Girl but later fell in love and wanted to marry her. Girl's family wanted to get rid of this Jin and asked one Gogay Shah Peer Sahib (Exorcist) to help. Peer Sahib (Exorciser) came up with some crazy ideas and it developed many funny situations. We hope, our readers will like this Novel and give us feedback.

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