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Hazir Ghayeb by Azhar Kaleem

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Hazir Ghayeb (translated in English as Visible, Invisible OR Present, Absent) by Azhar Kaleem is a Hilarious Novel full of very interesting situations and characters. The novel has been written in the form of an autobiography of a young man who was a student of chemistry and had keen interest in ancient manuscripts that he often bought from old-book sellers. He has introduced himself as Abu al Imran, believing that he will surely be the father of child named Imran, one day in his life. Once he found a strange book of medicines and with help of the detailed procedures in the book, he made Medicine of Courage, Medicine of Honesty and Medicine of Invisibility. As the names of the medicine suggest, he goes through different funny and hilarious situations after using these medicines. This is a unique idea in this type and the writer Azhar Kaleem has really made it worth reading by using a unique style for this story. He has good grip on Urdu language and has used the language in a convincing way. He has taken great care to make sure the language does not get heavy with the use of too many outdated phrases and idioms. The flow of the story in the novel is so good the reader does not stop before reaching the end of the story. We are quite hopeful that kitaab ghar readers will like this novel full of humor and satire and they would certainly comment on the effort of the writer.

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