Thori Door Sath Chalo By Asia Saleem Qureshi (Social Romantic (Rumani Muasharti) Love Story Urdu Novel)

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ThoRi Door Sath Chalo is a beautifully written Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Asia Saleem Qureshi, a very popular name among today's most read urdu novelists and digest writers. The Novel is a simple tale of ups and downs of once life, good and bad people we meet, pleasant and sorrowful moments we share with our friends and family. ThoRi Door Saath Chalo is a story of real life ordinary people living around us and we can feel their presence. Asia Saleem Qureshi has done marvels in writing such a wonderful story with the basic them of Love and Affection. 

We hope, Social Romantic Novels Lovers will find this novel very interesting and entertaining.

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