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Ishq SeeRhi Kanch ki by Amjad Javed

of Book:

Ishq SeeRhi Kanch ki is another interesting Urdu Novel written by Amjad Javed. He has tried to portray the propaganda by Western Media against Islam and Muslim Countries. The world is turning into a global village. Human relations are expanding. Human values are changing. However, the tussle between right and wrong has always been there since the start. Modern technology has played its role in developing opinion of the masses through its techniques. One rule of the cold war is that, spread the lies too much that it starts looking like truth’. Or the incidents should be narrated in a way as you like them to be. This is done by manipulating the truth, just to spread the desired ideas. At the end, this generates a feeling of hatred, which was the actual purpose of the manipulator. Amjad Javed has mentioned in this novel that Media Reporting is biased most of the time, it is half-truth mixed with lies. Islamic teachings have been interpreted in the wrong way in Western Media. They always try to portray false and mutilated face of Islam and Pakistan, the only Islamic Nuclear Power. These are their main targets of propaganda. In fact, Pakistan is a peaceful country. If some people go wrong, it should not be taken as whole for the entire nation. Amjad Javed has again proved in this novel that he is one of the writers who are devoted to their writing and have a purpose in them. They are always worried about their nation and try to convey the message in every possible way. His devotion and inner feeling of pain for the nation is truly reflected in his writings. He has continued writing on great topics such as this one. Amjad Javed has a unique quality that he always thinks and writes for humanity.

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