Ishq Ka Sheen-II (A Novel on Journey from Idol Worship to True Path of Allah) by Aleem ul Haq Haqqi

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Ishq Ka Sheen is another block buster novel by Aleem Ul Haq Haqqi and perhaps the most awaited novel of urdu language by social romantic reforming novels readers. Like Ishq ka Ain, this story is also written with the concept of journey of a person from Ishq-e-Majazi to Ishq-e-Haqiqi through Sufism & Tasawwuf. The hero of last story of Ishq Ka Ain belonged to a muslim family with great love of ahl-e-bait. But hero of this story (Ishq Ka Sheen) is a non-muslim, Thakur Avtar Singh, who fall in love with a muslim girl on hearing her voice when she was reciting qur'ran. The ishq ka sheen is a very long story of love, passion, enthusiasm, determination and a journey from idol worship to finding the true path leading to Almighty Allah. Aleem ul Haq Haqqi wrote Ishq Ka Sheen one but fell ill and could not write second part. Seeing the demand of public, the publisher consulted Mr. Haqqi and with his permission, asked another writer to write the 2nd part. Mr. Amjad Javed took the job in his hands and after discussing the idea, story lines with Mr. Haqqi, wrote second part. People like this 2nd part but still showed their desire to read 2nd part by the original author. Few months back, Aleem ul Haqqi managed to write 2nd part of the Ishq Ka Sheen and H&H Publishers Lahore published it. Keeping in view the demand of readers, we obtained this novel and now presenting it online. We are sure, like Ishq Ka Ain and Ishq Ka Sheen-1, this story will also keep our readers entertained for many months to come.

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