Ghalibyat per 3 yaadgaar taqreerain

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Ghalibyaat per teen yaadgaar taqreeraiN (collection of speeches on Ghalib) by Sanjay Godbole, an indian writer and researcher.
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Meri Mohabbatain
Submission Date 12/26/04

Comments on Ghalibyat per 3 yaadgaar taqreerain

Mohammad Parwiz Bunerei
Mohammad Parwiz Bunerei
Posted 09/05/11 - 10:12:42:

Wo Baada Shaban ke sarmastia kaha
Othye k ab k lazzat khwab sahar gaye.....Ghalib

Ghalib waqee azeeb shayer hai......
junaid ali khan
junaid ali khan
Posted 07/28/10 - 10:32:04:

Mirza ghalib ek bulan paya poet hai.wo urdu key poets mai saf-e-awal hai.un ki poetry bohat la jawab hai.isqh k falsafey mai un ka koe saani nai hai.

ishq ne nikamma kr diya ghalib
warna hum bhi aadmi they kaam ke

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Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Umer
Posted 03/10/09 - 11:42:48:

it is so nice i like this book and their knowledge about ghalib
and realy ghalib is the greatest poetof the world for ever time
Posted 12/10/08 - 18:37:35:

its so so nice i like it. its one of the best trebute to MIRZA ASAD ULLAH KHAN GHALIB May God bless his sole.............ameeen
Kalim Hazique
Kalim Hazique
Posted 06/06/06 - 19:03:00:

Kalidas Gupta has revealed ghalib in a modern way. Of course to understand modern thoughts one wall have to be aquainted with modern out look of like. Ghalib had always a concern with unfolded truth, the thing which has not yet happened, the beuty which is yet to come up, all the sources of beaty if concentrated in one shape then what will happen. Ghalib says
Sab khan kuch lala-o-gul mayn Numayaan hogayeen.
Khaak miayn kia suratayn hongeen kay pinhaan hogayeen.
He plays thinking from a part to the whole and then from whole to the part. Ghalib undoubtedly is still our a great POET.
So Kalidas Gupta will always be respected in the matter of the Study of Ghalib. He was Himself a good poet.
I congratulate Sanjay Saheb for this good and noble work.
Kalim Hazique
m. asalm
m. asalm
Posted 04/11/05 - 20:35:17:

buhut achi kitaab hay, ghalibiat per zabardast malumat hay. I learnt a lot

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