Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye

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Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Se Guzer Gaye is a Social Romantic Novel by Todays very popular female writer Maha Malik. The basic theme of this novel is the human feelings of love, hate, sacrifice, domination and supremacy. Every living person has these qualities and only a true human being can control the bad feelings of anger, hate, domination and supremacy. The novel is based on a different triangle love story, where Ujala and Azar (Cousins) love each other and planning their future live but Shah Alam falls in love-in-first-sight with Ujala and manage to get Ujala against her will and desire. But Shah Alam only can get Ujala-s body not her heart and soul. On other hand, Ujala also has to face a dilemma where she should forget her past love (Azar) and be faithful and sincere to her husband (Shah Alam). Did Shah Alam ever succeed in finding true love of Ujala? Did Ujala prove a faithful and loving wife? Read this amazing novel to find out.
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Submission Date 06/17/07

Comments on Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye

#81 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/27/10 - 08:55:50:

helloo maha appi h r u?muje apka ye novel bohat he acha laga.i like this novel so much and i love u maha appi may u live long
Ramisha Farrukh
Ramisha Farrukh
#82 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/20/10 - 18:11:57:

Maha aapi you wrote a brillent story i like it very much.i learn a lesson from it.i hope you wiil continue to write beautiful stories like
Ramisha grin
#83 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/20/10 - 17:36:17:
Subject: URDU
#84 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/10/10 - 21:50:36:

dear maha
i never read a novel like that , i satartd it today mornig and beleive me i was so stuck in it that could'nt have lunch and dinner, now its 9:34 pm.
i realy appricate the talent you have, a very very good and beautiful novel i can explain my feeling in words, tears are directly coming to my laptop from my eyes after reading this, a very sad ending but the whole story, wording, poetry,, grammar is so perfefct and excellent that i beacame a fan of you.

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#85 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/07/10 - 05:27:07:

oh MAHA G where r u at dis tym? i want 2 meet u 4 giving u huge hug.... i m totaly speachless i've no words 2 say in ur praise..... jst want 2 say keep it up( bohat arsay baad kissi kahani ne phr se rula dia)
laraib hassan

Usergroup: member
Joined: Jun 05, 2010
Location: muzaffar garh

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#86 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/06/10 - 11:58:39:

this is one of the best novels that i hv read in last 12 years.
ap k liye wahi alfaz kahon ga jo AMJAD ISLAM AMJAD sb ne RAJA ANWAR sb k liye kahe the k is nojawan ne mohabat ki tamam tar gehraiyon ko apni zaat mn utar liya hy
kash k hr muslim larki UJALA aur har muslim larka AAZAR ho.ameen.
MAHA G kash k kabhi zindagi mn ap se bat ho pati
laraib hassan

Usergroup: member
Joined: Jun 05, 2010
Location: muzaffar garh

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Posted 06/06/10 - 11:49:50:

i hv no wrds to explian my opinion.......absolutely great work
maha g ap k liye yahi kahon ga jo amjad islam amjad sb. ne raja anwar g k liye kaha tha
ap ne mohabbat ki tamam tar gehraiyon ko apne andar utar liya hy jo k ap ki kamyabi ka ak raz hy kassah k ap se bat ho sakti
agar mera bs chalta to ap ka name HISTORY BOOK
#88 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 04/16/10 - 11:26:16:

Such a great job from Maha Malik.
Sab nay kaha k Alam shah ko marna nahi chahiye tha but meri nazar main agar alam shah na marta to kahani ka asar zaya ho jata.
inshort Mohabbat wo hai jo mohabbat say ki jaye.
Hafiz Adeel Ahmed
Hafiz Adeel Ahmed
#89 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 04/11/10 - 08:23:19:
Subject: Nice novel
Sister Maha Malik your Novel jo caly to jan sy guzar gy is very nice novel. i like it very much my best wishes with you. please you don't stop written more stories like this. you have a talent.

My sister my prayer to Allah that you may live long and your every difficulties for away from you.

Hafiz Adeel Ahmed
from Attock
#90 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 02/16/10 - 20:45:42:

Khair aur shur ke markazi khayal per likhe gaye Maha Malik ke es novel ki infaradiat ye he ke aik taraf to muhabbat jaise lazawal jazbe ke aage shur apni tamam hashar samani ke saath guthne tekne per majboor nazar aa ta he, to doosri taraf ye hi jazba aik kamzor ladki ko aisi takat ata karta he ke jo us ko reze se chatan bana deti he.Shah Alam ko jan se guzare bina shur ki shakist ki takmeel shyed na ho pati. Ye bhi Maha Malik ka khasa he ke Shah Alam aur Zoofi ko mutawazi chalate huwe donoo ko apne apne mehwar per gardish me rakha, jis ke liye wo tareef ki mustahiq he.
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