Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye

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Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Se Guzer Gaye is a Social Romantic Novel by Todays very popular female writer Maha Malik. The basic theme of this novel is the human feelings of love, hate, sacrifice, domination and supremacy. Every living person has these qualities and only a true human being can control the bad feelings of anger, hate, domination and supremacy. The novel is based on a different triangle love story, where Ujala and Azar (Cousins) love each other and planning their future live but Shah Alam falls in love-in-first-sight with Ujala and manage to get Ujala against her will and desire. But Shah Alam only can get Ujala-s body not her heart and soul. On other hand, Ujala also has to face a dilemma where she should forget her past love (Azar) and be faithful and sincere to her husband (Shah Alam). Did Shah Alam ever succeed in finding true love of Ujala? Did Ujala prove a faithful and loving wife? Read this amazing novel to find out.
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Submission Date 06/17/07

Comments on Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye

adeel ahmad
adeel ahmad
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Posted 01/30/08 - 13:25:49:

Maha g ap ne end main tu hamain rula hi diya.Buhat khubsurat novel tha.I like this.Ypur novel shows this that u are so romantic
#152 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/30/08 - 04:26:33:

i jus wanna say that i really love the tittle [jo chalay to jaan se guzer gaye] but it shuld be like that [ jo chaha to jaan se guzar gaye ] oh its very tuchisad
#153 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/30/08 - 01:57:06:

disapprovalhi maha i donot know that whether u will read this comment or not but m wana 2 say that what is this r we still in a phase that v give fantasy 2 our younger girls n can u give me any 1 example of aalam shah n roshni from our real life i must say that fantasy z good but only 2 a liitle extent ur novel shows that only beautiful girls can enjoy the so called MOHABBAT i know m using very harsh wording but m sorry 2 say it was all that m feelsad
#154 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/18/08 - 01:42:28:

maha g
aap nain jo novel ke page uplode kiye hain wo save naheen hote plz tell me how can i save ur novel in my pc
#155 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/16/08 - 14:05:09:

plz let this novel be downloaded so that if reader want to read it offline it should be allowed. downloading should be allowed. strongly recomended. Regards
#156 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/13/08 - 01:56:40:

it-s a beautiful novel mere paas ye novel hai maine isse website per nahi parha lekin iss novel ko iss website per dekh ker bohat khushi huyi. ye aik romantic novel hai keh li jiye koi sabq amooz nahi hai bohat acha likha gaya hai lekin we have to try to write the things about reality lekin kabhi kabhaar aisay novel bhi achey lagtey hain.
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3 of 3 people found this comment helpful
Posted 01/10/08 - 18:48:37:

dukh huwa ha ye novel parh k
story ki waja se nai
balkeh iss waja se k yeh q wajood mein aaya
female writer ko kam az kam romantic novels nai likhne chahiyen
aur cousins marriage aur suicide issue ko soch samajh k address karna chahiye being a muslim n having muslim readership
#158 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/06/08 - 03:18:18:

i really like this novel but end mein bohut duk howa jab alim mar jata ha but aik tareef se acha he tha ki ios ko ios ka pehla pyar milta ha but larki bechare pehlay ko yad rakhe ya 2 ko aurat he kuo zulum ko sahti ha but mein ne ye novel koie 50 dafa read kia ha really maya its really nice story thank u so muchsmilesmile
#159 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 01/06/08 - 02:31:19:

me yeh novel 3rd time parh rahi hn or hr bar utna he enjoy krti hn jitna 1st time kia tha but muje eik bat ka gila ha maha g kia tha agr alam ko marne se pehle at least ye to pta chal jata k us k i mohabbat raigaan nai gye wo jis roshni ki talaash me tha akhar us ki ho gye the very sad end bt is novel ki khubsurti he is ka sad end ha.
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1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
Posted 01/02/08 - 17:51:23:

yaar maha ,tum great ho yaar,end bada dukhi tha woh bechari lakri ko tu kuch mila hi na,mohabut b mili tu kiss tarah say,anyways poora package zabardast tha,u r great waisay b MAHA naam k log great hi hotay hain

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