Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye

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Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Se Guzer Gaye is a Social Romantic Novel by Todays very popular female writer Maha Malik. The basic theme of this novel is the human feelings of love, hate, sacrifice, domination and supremacy. Every living person has these qualities and only a true human being can control the bad feelings of anger, hate, domination and supremacy. The novel is based on a different triangle love story, where Ujala and Azar (Cousins) love each other and planning their future live but Shah Alam falls in love-in-first-sight with Ujala and manage to get Ujala against her will and desire. But Shah Alam only can get Ujala-s body not her heart and soul. On other hand, Ujala also has to face a dilemma where she should forget her past love (Azar) and be faithful and sincere to her husband (Shah Alam). Did Shah Alam ever succeed in finding true love of Ujala? Did Ujala prove a faithful and loving wife? Read this amazing novel to find out.
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Submission Date 06/17/07

Comments on Jo Chalay to JaaN se guzer gaye

mahvish adnan
mahvish adnan
#101 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 07/06/09 - 05:20:13:
Subject: great novel
Very good novel and interesting novel alam shouldn't died at the end.

best wishes
Hina khalid
Hina khalid
#102 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 07/04/09 - 23:43:33:

I just want to say that "Alam Shah's"way of love is not right but the only thing i heard abt love is that"pyar or jang mai sb jaiz hai"
The last line i loved most written on Alam's grave "wo Marvi jisay Umar say muhabbat ho gai" these lines made me cry once and all

Maha gee u wrote a fantastic novel love u novel and skill of writting
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Posted 06/19/09 - 07:26:42:

kiya kahon...words seems not to b enuf to represent wht i feel rite now...there r many few novels which made me cry n its one of them.....sometimes it happens in life when love seems to be the most imp thing ....its not wrong to ask 4 some one sincere 4 urself who loves u wid the purity of his/her heart but on the same time the way SHAH ALAM used was not the rite one ,heart is not win by tht way but apart 4rm whtever he did ....i realy felt sad on his death n the last line it made me cry.....mohobbat milli b to tb jab woh is ko mehsus nahi ker sakta tha....

n sory if my mesg seems too much emotional to u actually m crying rite now n ur novel made me remember the person whom i lost the long tym ago..anyhow of luck MAHA 4 all the things u do n great work..
Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed
#104 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 06/05/09 - 23:22:50:

wh i saw the titel of this novel i was not thinking that it would be like that it is grear , fantabulas, marvalass fantastic novel i don't have more words to praise for this novel realy u r great novelist maha malik smile
mehreen rubab
mehreen rubab
#105 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 04/07/09 - 19:01:47:

this novel is so awesome.but u did so bad with ALAM
#106 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 03/31/09 - 23:27:24:

really tayyaba,,u r right,,in alfaz ne mujhe b rula diyaaa tha
#107 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 03/31/09 - 23:25:20:

wowwwww,,zbrdast novel.
what i liked most in this novel was the last letter by alam
uffffffff,,rula deta hai wo khat,
maha malik is really really a lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy writer
#108 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 03/12/09 - 03:02:05:

:disapproval noooooo
yyyyy alam did so? .....shocked... in d bigning of novel
yyyyy azar cum bac?? d mid of novel
yyyyyyy aalam died??? ......shocked...... in d end of novel
at d bignig i gonna hate alam sha
but after dat i sad wen he was sad
nd weep bitterly wen he died....
#109 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 02/11/09 - 21:26:25:

good novel
end reality py based hya jo achi baat hya

zaberdast hya
muhammad irfan
muhammad irfan
#110 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 02/02/09 - 09:31:52:

slaam to all
i m so glad to see this site.this is really beautiful and informative.

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