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Description Toheen-e-Risalat (blasphemy) is a research work, compiled by Aslam Lodhi pakistani columnist, researcher and writer who wrote around 30 books on variety of topics and most of his work has been recommended for public and army school libraries. Some of the hot topics included in this book are:

tohin-e-risalat, sher angaiz mawad ki ashat, izhar ki azadi ya sher angezi, panja-e-yahood or europe, yahudioN ki sharartain, sazish ke muharrikat, maghrib ki islam mukhalifat, holocaust ka inkar, denark ka khaka, tahziboN ka tasadam, salibi jangoN ka naya silsila, shatim rasool ki saza or muafi, denmark ka boycott, jang, war, pyena round table conference, salahud din ayyubi, talash-e-aman, naqli qurran ki taqseem, pur tashaddud ahtajaj ke muashi muzimmarat, fikri pasmandgi ka shikar europian media, denmark prime minister character, crime minister and blue eyed boys.
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Submission Date 04/24/06

Comments on Touheen-e-Risalat

Posted 01/03/13 - 11:58:06:
Subject: God is love
i think who has bad think about any think one thats are not christian becuase this is not education of christianity "jesus christ says if you loves only own people its not a big loves to your enimies and also have the education that if any body have no love then he not know the God because God is love .not diffirence between nations or countries not between any hate any one no say hoting any person and also many
Posted 02/11/09 - 11:51:42:

Unfortunately I cannot download the PDF version, can someone please assist?

Posted 03/03/08 - 11:14:14:

denmark firstly introduce this worst concepts in the world we, the whole muslim countries join together to abolish this,and nip this sin in the bud.....
O.I.C why it is made? to show off or not to do practically for the mulim community
Saudi Arabia is the main power for muslim countries why it shouldnot take any serius step to stop this rubbish for the whole life sad
otherwise it will happened again and again like in 2005 and 2008 now further may be they will again do....... so think about this
Posted 11/25/07 - 18:52:59:

This book is written by a fanatic who does not has any knowledge of Islam.If there is punishment for Touheen-e-Risalat why God did not priscribe any punishment for Touheen-e-Allah.Those refernce used in this book from history are just a mith and nothing these type of referece included by jews "munafiqeen"to distroy the beauty of Islam and tolence of Islam.witer is just illtarete peson.
Ahmad Mehmood
Ahmad Mehmood
Posted 10/29/07 - 23:29:52:

Merey khyal meiun toheen risalat ka khyal hi sirey se ghalat hay. Balkey main to is baat ko hi badtameezi kahon ga.
syed tuqeer
syed tuqeer
Posted 06/12/07 - 21:37:25:

i have read the book it-s really good as it cover a lot of infromation regarding the conspiracy of jews and west.i just wana tell i-ve noticed u did-t pritend (PBUH) when name of prophet muhammad (SW) written in the book pls make sure it-s written where ever name comes.thanks
Posted 08/17/06 - 14:30:57:

todays life is very busy no one have time to go library and read books but after this this problem has solved

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