Cyrus (Imran Series)

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Description Cyrus is a Spy Action Adventure Imran Series Urdu Novel by Mazhar Kaleem MA in PDF Format. Cyrus is a new international secret agents agency who stole a secret defence formula from Pak-Asia and sold it to Kafiristan. Kafirstan asked Cyrus to protect this formula cos their agencies were afraid of Pak-Asia Secret Service and Ali Imran. Mr. X-2 Chief of Pak-Asia Secret Service assigned two members team of Tanveer and Julia for this mission and this time Tanveer was leading with his non-stop action and shoot first ask later policy. Did they manage to stop it in Pakasia and other International Crime Partners? Will they come back alive in Pakasia? Read the novel to find answers to all these questions.
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Submission Date 08/22/17

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