Jinnat (Jinn, Demons, Angry Spirits)

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Description Jinnat by Raees Amrohvi is a book of collection of authentic Scientific & Psychological articles to study Jinn, Demons, Humzad, Angry Spirits and other similar creatures. The book also contains many eyewitness accounts of real incidents faced by people. Raees Amrohvi published a number of books on the topic of Metaphysics, Meditation, and Yoga. Jinnat is one of his famous books in which he compiled the letters of many individuals who wrote to him in Raees Academy asking questions or possible explanations of strange incidents and people suffering from Asaib or Jinns (Demon Possession). This Book Jinnat has very interesting reported or eye-witnessed encounters of paranormal and invisible forces as well as scientific and psychological explanation of demon possession (Jinn Asaib). Some articles even encourage non-believers of Jinn and Demons to think about the possibility of existence and presence of Jinn in our this very world using Scientific and Biological Theories. Following are some of the articles in this book: Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Schizophrenia & Hysteria, Somnambulism (Sleep Walking), Exo-Biology, Protein-in-Water Life, Fire Creatures, Jinn Sulfur-Fluorine, Shock Therapy, Taskheer e Jinnat (Exorcism), Angry Spirits & Demons, First Science Experiment in Germany, Surgery in Hypnosis, Astral World, Third Eye - Pineal Gland, Black Cats & Dogs, Jinn Presence Indications, Asaib Zadgan Ka Tajzia (Jinn Possession Analysis), My
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