Great Falls (Imran Series)

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Description Great Falls is a Spy Action Adventure Imran Series Novel by Mazhar Kaleem. This time a New Acremian Agency Back Star has abducted a Metallurgist of Prog, who had discovered a New and Rare Metal came on earth with some meteoroid. The rare metal had property of blocking and absorbing any laser, which can be used as Anti Laser Shield. Acremia who has developed numerous Laser Weapons wanted to take over this Metal. Prog was Pakasia Defence Strategic Partner and Major Supplier of Arms and Weapons to Pakasia. Defence Agencies of Prog got tips about Acremian Agency Black Star involvement but working against it was beyond their capacity. President of Prog promised Pakasian President that if Pakasia Secret Service brings back their abducted Metallurgist, they will double the supply of promised weapons for next 5 years. Ali Imran was not willing to work for another country as Mercenaries. How Sir Sultan convinced Ali Imran and Pakasia Secret Service Chief X-2 to take this Mission? What was Great Falls and why no one ever returned from that area? How Ali Imran and Pakasia Secret Service traced and retrieved abducted Metallurgist who was brain washed and thinking himself an Acremian. How Imran and Pakasia Secret Service defeated Acremian Top Action Agencies Black Star and Red Circle in this Game of Death.
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Submission Date 05/13/14

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