Hard Task (Imran Series)

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Description Hard Task is a Spy Action Adventure Imran Series Novel by Khalid Noor A New Name in Imran Series Novels Writing. Pakasia Secret Service Chief Mr. X2, is a Masked Man and nobody knows his identity except few people. He is a great Mystery for all other Crime Syndiacates as well as Secret Agents and Security Agencies. They all are dying to know who is X2 and who is behind his Mask. One American Secret Service Agent Joel Cross came in Pakasia with a claim that he will not only complete his mission but also disclose the identity of Secret Service Chief X2. Things got interesting when Pakasia Secret Service Deputy Chief Julia also joined this foreign agent and ultimately X2 unveiled his face on request of Joel Cross. Why Julia joined hands with a foreign agent? Why X2 removed his mask and unveiled his identity they were keeping it secret for many decades?
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