Takrao (Clash)

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Description Takrao (Clash) by Mohammad Mohiuddin is a very interesting, informative novel based on actual facts and history. The Novel first published in Jang Sunday Magazine and later published by Ilm o Irfan Publishers, Lahore. The novel is written on the Clash of Islamic and Western Civilizations, A Muslim's life in America and Europe after sad incident of 9/11. There are some very popular theories and conspiracies on this clash. Most people on both sides (Islamic and Western) are ignorant of others culture and have extreme thinking to eliminate other. The writer Mohammad Mohiuddin has shown both negative and positive characteristics of these hardliners. Mohammad Mohiuddin basically is a Researcher and has produced many valuable books.
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Posted 08/11/13 - 23:05:45:
Subject: Download link
You are doing a great job please if you can also provide the download links for ipad or Android readers you can charge some fee for that if you wants thanks.grin
Posted 08/04/13 - 11:42:08:

I wish that writer would have done some research before putting all this. Although he has a very potential of writing and some parts of this book is thought provoking but on the whole it is a very weak attempt. There is no main plot at all. He just tried to put all of his thought in the form of novel.

After spending few years in North America as a student and as a traveler, I found the writer's view very far from actual reality.

I wish he would have done some research.

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