Karog (Imran Series)

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Description <br>Karog (Crog) is a novel of Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. The Novel is part of Mystic Series being written by Mazhar Kaleem in Imran Series. In this Novel, once again Jew Forces and Israeli Agencies working against PakAsia to destroy a Secret Missile Factory, producing State of the Art, High Tech Missile with Radar Stealth System. To cover up this mission, they weaved a plan to engage Ali Imran with Crog Tribe, the Crow Worshippers who also believe in Human Sacrifice. The Crogies trapped Ali Imran and almost killed him but Joseph used his Mystical African Herbal Treatment with the touch of Spiritual Healing and saved Ali Imran. Tiger also played a vital role in unveiling this conspiracy and digging out the roots of Crog Tribe in PakAsia and Egypt.
We hope, our Imran Series Action Adventure Novel Readers will like this Mystery Thriller Novel and give their comments.
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Submission Date 06/07/12

Comments on Karog (Imran Series)


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Posted 09/08/13 - 16:05:47:

very good
Nice One ... Mazhar Kaleem is a great patriot novelist
asad zaki
asad zaki
Posted 07/17/13 - 04:02:02:
Subject: good
good novel i like it very much mazhar kaleem is my favourite

Afzal Ahmed
Afzal Ahmed
Posted 11/11/12 - 12:41:44:

very nice and different idea i like it very much
Mazhar Kaleem is my favourite.
Posted 09/09/12 - 18:07:34:

The Novel was quite good specially in the Mid but the ending was a bit boring n couldnt raise any eyebrows ........
Hamid Khan
Hamid Khan
Posted 09/07/12 - 07:29:03:

Nice One ... Mazhar Kaleem is a great patriot novelist
aamir abbas
aamir abbas
Posted 07/16/12 - 16:33:24:
Subject: great
it is a good noval i like this... i love this noval

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