Golden Coloc (Imran Series)

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Description <br>Golden Coloc is an Imran Series Novel written by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. In this Mission, Pakasia Secret Service, Four Star Agents and Ali Imran are fighting against Counterfeit Drugs Mafia and Local Under World Criminal Elements. Imran Notices one day the growing news of youngsters with the cause of 'Narcotic Poisoning' With the consultation of City Hospital Doctors, he learned that an intoxicant named Golden Coloc is causing high death rate. Upon further investigation and meetings with Drug Inspectors, he learnt that original pill is not harmful but one Counterfeit Drug is to blame which has high dosage and lethal for human body. Further investigation and probing into the matter reveals that some very high profile persons involved in the matter who have access to the President's House. Mazhar Kaleem has again come up with the hot and burning issue of counterfeit medicines openly being sell, killing people but no authority is taking any action. We hope, our Imran Series Readers will like this Novel
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Submission Date 11/18/11 (Edited 11/18/11)

Comments on Golden Coloc (Imran Series)

ali khokhar
ali khokhar
Posted 10/16/12 - 16:51:19:

bhut hi acha novel ha kash hmary mulik ki police aur intj. bhi aysa hi koi karnama injam dy.
malika rani g ager ap ko novel acha nhi lga tu nhi parhna tha na
sticking out tongue aur plz new novel download kryn thnx
Cute Boy
Cute Boy
Posted 10/05/12 - 13:59:25:

yar app exaggerate boht kerty hain. her step pa exaggeration. hud kerty haina ap b. novel wo thek hota hai jo haqeqat k qareeb ho na k ap ki terah exaggeration pa ambni ho.

khud ko behter krain
Irfan Shah

Usergroup: member
Joined: Dec 19, 2011

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Posted 12/19/11 - 13:01:12:

Read your novel on my smartphone after a long long time I think about 15 years. Evergreen simple word which I say.
Posted 12/17/11 - 07:00:57:

مظہرکلیم ایم اے کے قلم سے ایک اورحماقت۔۔۔۔۔۔ پوری داستان میں کسی ایک جگہ بھی ذہن کااستعمال نظرنہیں آیابس پاکستانی پولیس کی طرح روایتی تھرڈ ڈگری اس کہنانی میں چھائی رہی۔ پہلے مجرم سے لے کرسیٹھ اسلم تک سب نے تشدد کےسامنے اپنی زبان کھولی اورکہانی فنش ہوگئی۔ اگرچہ اس کہانی کادائرہ کارسیکرٹ سروس میں نہیں آتاپھربھی عمران کااس میں ٹوٹ پڑناکہانی وہیں سے ہلکی ہوگئی تھی۔۔ مجھے توکہانی پسندنہیں آئی لیکن میرااندازہ بلکہ یقین ہے کہ لوگوں نے اس کی تعریف میں زمین آسمان کے قلابے ملادیے ہوں گے
Posted 12/08/11 - 14:47:48:

main ap ke novel 15 yer se par raha ha ap mashaallha bhot acha lakhte hain ab b jab ap k novel dakhta ho to kuch or karne ko dil ni krt jb tak pura par na lo
Zahida Asif
Zahida Asif
Posted 12/05/11 - 20:53:24:

smile grin One of the best novel i have ever rea, it has got a lot of suspence.
Posted 11/25/11 - 00:23:01:

Thank you v.much for such a nice novel,salute to ur efforts.

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