Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera

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Description <br>Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera is a book with two novels in it written by Nabila Abar Raja, an established Urdu Novelist and Struggling Dramatist. The other novel in this book is Mujhe Aitbar-e-Wafa Mile. In this novel, the writer has beautifully described a big problem in our society, the way we treat step childrens, adopted kids or orphans. Allah has very clearly directed muslims to be nice with young orphans and be faithful guardians of them and their properties and assets, their parents left for them. But in our society, we hardly do this and often grabs illegally the inheritance of orphans and bring them in our own use in the name of expenses to up bring and taking care of orphans. Zard zamanon ka sawera is a story of same orphan girl who was brought up by her uncle and her cousins often used her as shield to cover their own misdoings and unethical acts. We hope, Social Romantic Stories Lovers will find this collection very heart touching, Interesting and Entertaining.
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Comments on Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera

Posted 05/09/13 - 04:33:48:

Quest expressive (y) but the second part of novel was not so good and cool i think u should struggle on themes and characters smile
Posted 05/01/13 - 12:52:08:

Writer sahiba ligta hai yah novel likhtay waqat ap ka damagh sahat kisam ka kharab ho gaya hai... Just go n get a life man this novel is waste of time .... Kuch toh aqal kay chanay chabaao kabi itni zayada b azmaish ati hai kiaia pay... No wounder u still struggling in ur career i wound say stop writing novel n get something else to do.....

Aik bar koie yah novel phar laay usay toh novel pharnay say chir ho jaay aawh
Posted 04/02/13 - 23:34:47:
Subject: not satisfied
is mai riston ko itna buray tareekay sey paish kiya gaya hai k perhnay wali lerki ko asey ristoon sey hi chir hojae .....chacha taya phopooo in riston ko hum hamehsa buray andaz mai hi kyun paish kertey hain ....aur heroin hamesha aisi sabir .....sory i don't agree with the storyline nothing sabaq amooz disapproval
safia sarwar
safia sarwar
Posted 06/03/12 - 23:11:47:

apka ye novel bht attractive hy khas tor pr eska dosra hessa bht he osaum tha jaise jaesy kahani agy barh rahi thi tashnagi barhti ja rahi thi k ab kia hoga apne shuro se akhri lafz tk kirdaron se khob insaf kia h i like it ALLAH apko aor kamyabian ata krey AAMEEN
Major Abrar Siddiqui
Major Abrar Siddiqui
3 of 3 people found this comment helpful
Posted 02/26/12 - 05:01:16:

Nabila api ap ka ye novel prhna to shru kr dia,lkn hr lmha jan nikalti rehi k pta nei ab or kya hony wla hae,Rubab or Sajjel ke azmaish kch zda he ho gei thee,lkn ek chez jo novel k dono hissay prhty huay bar bar feel hoti rehi,wo ye k police department sy taluq rkhny wly characters ke sehi akkasi dekhny ko nei milli,as compared to other novels having such characters,life style,protocols & character's taste is not satisfactory,ye tishnagi mjy novel k first page sy last page tk feel hoti rehi.on the other hand,your novel's theme and plot was very real.
Posted 12/28/11 - 10:38:39:

this novel is so gud

iread it wid full attention and learn to treat gud 2 every 1

misbah muzammil
misbah muzammil
Posted 12/01/11 - 00:08:08:

this novel is owsume nabila gud going n keep writing
Anam Khan
Anam Khan
Posted 11/30/11 - 19:35:37:

Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera is a really cool novel.
Depicting beautifully what happens to people treating badly witk orphans.
Owsumly Owsum!!!
(",) :")

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