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Description: <br>Aqabla is an Action Adventure Suspense Thriller Novel with a touch of Horror and Creepy Scenes by Anwaar Siddiqui. It was a blockbuster novel based on fiction story published in Sabrang Digest back in 70s and 80s that rocked the fiction story writing worlds for four years and readers used to wait anxiously for the next issue of Sabrang Digest. Aqabla is a story about some modern world civilized men who reached an island after their sea ship got wrecked. This island was full of mysteries and dark forces. The inhabitants were worshipers of an evil deity woman called Aqabla. Aqabla has further given power to the chief Shawala who can control the crawling insects and reptiles of the island, the other chief Kalari has the power to control all animals. Will these modern world people be ever able to come out of this death island and return to their families and homes? Read this wonderful epic tale of Adventure and Mystry by Mr. Anwaar Siddiqui to find out. Aqabla is one of the legendary horror story and was a record breaking series and still a very popular fiction thriller. We hope, our readers interested in Action Adventure Horror Thriller Stories about super natural powers, will like this Novel.

Submitted: 12/31/10
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Comments on Aqabla

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Posted 03/06/14 - 04:05:14:

Full of suspense and beautifully written. Good job. nod it was bit long but not boring. Overall it is a good writing.

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Posted 03/01/14 - 18:34:45:

smileI love All novels by Anwaar Sadiquie. he is a great writer and assets of Urdu Adab.

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Posted 04/20/13 - 06:35:55:

This novel is full of shirk and it must be removed from website immediately along with all other novels like this. The writer, admin and the people who praise this novel should also repent on this sin as shirk is the biggest sin in Islam. Its totally against the teachings of Islam what this novel shows. Instead of inviting people to right path you are spreading evil.
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Posted 04/13/13 - 22:59:08:

bhaiyo woh sab to theek hai lekin parhen kiyc yahan to sirf wazaht likhi huwi hai agar kisi ko tareeka aata hai to batao
arfan just arfan
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Posted 02/17/13 - 22:39:04:

smileachi story thi par jabar ko aqabla ki rafaqat puri nahi mili yeh acha nahi laga baqi thik hai
Bilal Jathol
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Posted 12/26/12 - 03:25:09:

winkgrin kya yi peg Germany main open nai hote many buht trie ke mgr open nai Howe 00491787579555
Skype ID bilaljatholgermany
m shafique
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Posted 11/15/12 - 19:21:02:
Subject: tbsra
میں نے صرف یہی کہوں گے کہ ،ہم جسے لاجواب کہتے ہیں،یہی ہے

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Posted 10/02/12 - 23:11:26:

be shak ye ek khoobsoorat tehreer hai lekin mujhe is k mad e muqabil inka oe sona ghat ka pujari behtar novel mehsoos hote hai ku k un ko parhtay wakt insan khud ko usi ka koi kirdar mehsoos krna lagta hai?
agar mere ye raye kisi k dil pe graa,n guzre to us k liye me mazrat khuwa ho?
Tariq zeyad
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Posted 09/13/12 - 19:48:55:

Very very intresting and fantastic story I like this story.
My name Tariq zeyad
my facebook id (
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Posted 08/24/12 - 19:45:59:

boht ach novel ha M.A rahat bohat ach likty ha

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