Ishq Ka Sheen-2

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Description <br />Ishq Ka Sheen is another block buster novel by Aleem Ul Haq Haqqi and perhaps the most awaited novel of urdu language by social romantic reforming novels readers. Like Ishq ka Ain, this story is also written with the concept of journey of a person from Ishq-e-Majazi to Ishq-e-Haqiqi. The hero of last story of Ishq Ka Ain belonged to a muslim family with great love of ahl-e-bait. But hero of this story (Ishq Ka Sheen) is a non-muslim, Thakur Avtar Singh, who fall in love with a muslim girl on hearing her voice when she was reciting qur'ran. The ishq ka sheen is a very long story of love, passion, enthusiasm, determination and a journey from idol worship to finding the true path leading to Almighty Allah.

Aleem ul Haq Haqqi wrote Ishq Ka Sheen one but fell ill and could not write second part. Seeing the demand of public, the publisher consulted Mr. Haqqi and with his permission, asked another writer to write the 2nd part. Mr. Amjad Javed took the job in his hands and after discussing the idea, story lines with Mr. Haqqi, wrote second part. People like this 2nd part but still showed their desire to read 2nd part by the original author.

Few months back, Aleem ul Haqqi managed to write 2nd part of the Ishq Ka Sheen and H&H Publishers Lahore published it. Keeping in view the demand of readers, we obtained this novel and now presenting it online.

We are sure, like Ishq Ka Ain and Ishq Ka Sheen-1, this story will also keep you entertained for months.
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Submission Date 11/17/10 (Edited 11/17/10)

Comments on Ishq Ka Sheen-2

ume khazeema
ume khazeema
Posted 08/23/13 - 09:44:57:

allaaaa...noval h but incomplete h..plz sir g isko pura kr dy....plzzzz hm masumo k dill se na khailain.....bht besabri se last part ka intazar h kr dy sir g pura...but ek shikayat h apsy.noorbano ki jaga hoorbano ko zinda hona chahye tha....she deserve abdulhaq.......nd plz jaldi pura kr dy plzzz plzzzzsticking out tongueraised eyebrowrolling eyes
Posted 06/15/13 - 02:57:07:

slam sir gee
sir g main app k novel ka last part ka besabri say intzar hia what a think sir g main app ko slam karta hooon aur dua karta hooon k aysay likhty rahin per is ko complet karny k bad sad
princess rozy
princess rozy
Posted 05/22/13 - 12:34:03:

Assalam u alaikum..
Sir men ny apk novels parhy hen sb novels ny dil py aik gehra asar chora hai...mgr ye novel parh k islam ki muhabbat aur barh gai hai...Allah paak apko iska behtar ajar den aur apki salahiyaten mazeed ujaagar hon...taa k hm jese pyasy apni pyaas bujha sken....3rd part ka besabri se intzar hy plzzz jaldi upload kr den...smilesmilesmilesmile
Posted 04/30/13 - 19:09:53:

ye to bht acha novel hai me iske 4 parts parh chuki hun iska part 5 kahan se milega kia shayeh b hua hai ya nahi any one knows plz tell me
saima zaidi
saima zaidi
Posted 12/14/12 - 11:02:48:

Oh GOD, I can't wait for 3 part......part 2 by amjad sahab was complete but ek tashnagee see yeh part parh ke poori ho gaee...waqai asal writer hi novel ki rooh ko samajh sakta hai....this part was better......even if ts not completed yet but still I liked it better than othwr one
Zubair Ahmad
Zubair Ahmad
Posted 11/02/12 - 00:29:42:

Itna lamba navoel tha, lakin parh kar kafi mazzah aya r learn b kia but at the end i just see that novel is incomplete.
Plz let complete(upload) the novel as soon as possible
Mahwish Majeed
Mahwish Majeed
Posted 10/17/12 - 11:27:50:


MEI NE BUHT KUM NOVEL PRHEN HEN LAKIN IS NOVEL NE MERE IMAN KO OR B TAZA KDIYA H...ksi muslman k Iman agr mutzalzal ho tou isey zror prhe..Agr Allah ki trf se usy hidayat milna muqadar hai tou zror milegi...
Posted 10/01/12 - 12:22:38:

book boht achi ha pr page pr download ka option ni dia gaya agr hota to boht se log perh sakte
Posted 09/27/12 - 04:47:29:

i just wasted my time if this novels end is like this,incomplete, althoudh i learn much from this novel,and i pray for aleem sahib to complete it,
muhammad ismail
muhammad ismail
#10 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 09/24/12 - 12:29:22:

i want to read this novel after abdul haq marriage with noor banu to the birth of noor ul haq.

any one can help me by send these pages on my email

thanks in advance.

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