Jannat (Eden, Heaven)

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Description <br>The Novel Jannat (Jannah, Heaven, Eden, Paradise) is a Social Romantic Novel by Nasir Malik, based on a Love Story, Historic Events, Indus River / Valley Civilizations and their Lifestyle and Problems, Saraiki Poetry with Urdu Translation and Biography of Ashu Lal, legendary saraiki langauge poet and Indus Valley Civilization Activisit. Its a story of a Man who was mad at women and blame them for castaway of Adam from Jannah (Heaven, Eden, Paradise). He wanted to build his own perfect Jannat without women. He succeeded too in making Paradise on Earth but Destiny was smiling on his childish plans. We hope, readers will like this story with a touch of class and urdu literature.

Nasir Malik, a well known poet and story writer belongs to Layyah, Southern Punjab. He is writing in many high-ranked urdu digests and magazines for years. He has 100s of short stories and 10s of Novel on his credit, and has readership in millions.
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Submission Date 09/17/10

Comments on Jannat (Eden, Heaven)

aapi jaan
aapi jaan
Posted 06/27/13 - 23:15:02:

ye novel umr bhr k parhay hoyay tmam novels se umdah tha . na sirf parhtay hoyay bl k parhnay k aik arsay bad b zehan k darichon pe dastak daita hi rehta hai wah likhnay walay ne kamal kr diya . haqiqt se door oor kahin ain haqiqat ka gumaan liyay
Asmatullah Niazi
Asmatullah Niazi
Posted 12/22/11 - 16:49:06:

acha novel hay. sind ki tahzeeb ko ba khoobi se ujagar kia gia hay.
Qura tul ain rizvi quetta
Qura tul ain rizvi quetta
Posted 02/03/11 - 14:03:23:

ibtadi chand pages bore bore hain magr agay ja kr novel apni grift mein le leta hay. boht mutassarkun novel hay. mubarik baad
zeshan ahmad
Junior Member

Usergroup: member
Joined: Nov 09, 2010
Location: WAH CANTT

Total Listings: 0
Total Comments: 27
Posted 12/06/10 - 11:19:34:

maza nahe aya
main ne khch pages parhe aur phr yh novel parhna chor dya
dr. afzal javed
dr. afzal javed
Posted 11/10/10 - 10:13:47:

very intersting novel who tie the mind set for a long time. keep it up mr. nasir malik!
Ashi, Kot Addu
Ashi, Kot Addu
Posted 10/06/10 - 10:35:31:

very very thanks mr. founder of for reply me. i am fan or mr. amjad javed and read ishq ka qaaf.......he is great writer.... if it is possible, please refer my appriciation to mr. amjad javed....and please publish any other novel of mr. nasir malik. i read him in last pages of monthly suspense digest karachi and it is fact that i and many his fans cannot forget his stories "Akhri Utran" and "Tamasha-e-Ishq".... but here, we read some thing new as like Jannat. again thanks a lot to reply me.
Ashi, Govt. College for Women, Kot Addu
Junior Member

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Posted 10/05/10 - 00:14:50:

Yes, you are right...He is Mr. Amjad Javed, the writer of Ishq Ka Sheen and Qaaf, Ishq seerhi kaanch ki, ishq fana hay ishq wafa, taj mahal, roshan andhere and many more novels...

Ashi wrote:
Dear Founder of
Good noon. i read also comments of mr. amjad javed........ i think that he is writer of ISHQ KA QAAF.... am i right?
reply me on this comments table plz.

Posted 10/04/10 - 13:02:46:

Dear Founder of
Good noon. i read also comments of mr. amjad javed........ i think that he is writer of ISHQ KA QAAF.... am i right?
reply me on this comments table plz.
Posted 10/04/10 - 13:00:57:

very very tough....i feel much difficulty to understand the paragraphs of jannat....but..................... i read 95 pages and think that it is great one effort to discribe sind river's community and i appriciate mr. nasir malik to explain the ruide society of Pakistan like mor, kehal and kutanys.....the poor....the non educated workers of Pakistan..............salam to all readers of comments. Ashi, Kot Addu.
amjad javed
amjad javed
#10 - Quote - Permalink
Posted 09/29/10 - 19:24:05:

nice, this one is nice novel. thanks for this amjad javed

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