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Aulia-e-Allah (Saints) Sufi-ae-Karam is an excellent huge book of 505 pages on the life, teachings and words of wisdom of 11 great muslim saints (Sufi) of Islam who showed the light of straight path and turned thousands of non-muslim to Islam by their sweet words, kind actions and love. No matter where these sufis were in Arab, Iran or India, they did the one and same thing in less or more. They attracted people to their personalities first and then towards Islam. Soon the non-followers found out that Islam is the only true Religion from GOD (Allah) and they should live their lives according to Islamic ways. Even the Kings, Magicians and Hindu Jogis and Tantric of their ages could not move them from their rightous path: Following 11 great muslim sufi are include in this book: Awais Qarni, Khawja Hasan Basri, Ibrahim Adham, Zunnoon Misri, Hussain Ibn-e-Mansoor Hallaj, Laal Shahbaz Qalandar, Khawja Qutbud-din Bakhtiar Kaki, Madhu Lala Hussain, Sultan Bahu, Schal Sarmast, Pir Mehar Ali Shah
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Submission Date 09/16/09

Comments on Aulia-e-Allah

Posted 08/23/13 - 18:25:05:

its a wonderful book,i wanted to see somthing more and more about mansur halag ,this book,great and i congratulate those who have done anu efforsts for this site and books
Muhammad Bhatti
Muhammad Bhatti
Posted 04/30/12 - 20:47:48:

MASHALLAH excellent book but I wonder I want to buy this book, can you please let me know where I get that from.
Peerzada Saiyed Yamin Saeed Nagamia Chishti Qadari Ashrafi
Peerzada Saiyed Yamin Saeed Nagamia Chishti Qadari Ashrafi
Posted 05/30/11 - 11:08:41:

Assalam Alykum w Rahmatullah w Barakatohu,

Janab aap mujhe aulia e gujarat (Hindustan) kitab ke bare main kuch roshni daal kar bataenge
Syed Waqas
Syed Waqas
Posted 02/15/11 - 12:47:34:

Alhumdollila I read this book in many days. it is very nice, excellent book. I dont have suitable words for this books. Too much congratulation to author and kitaabgar team too. This is SADQA JARIA of KITAABGHAR. really thanks FOR KITAABGHAR.
majid from italy
majid from italy
Posted 01/27/11 - 20:38:14:

sorry i have read this book all is good MashaAllah but have a very very big problem when you write Razi Allah or (another i dont know)dont know in all of book reading very difficult also these words and also next word(these words like PBUH)not a good language Razi Allah ho Tala please you note these words and all of your book
m.farooq ali zain pur bhera
m.farooq ali zain pur bhera
Posted 01/23/11 - 23:22:22:
Subject: thx kitab gher
salam doston i am farooq ali men ny koi 6 sall phely exaspriss newpaper men khan asif sahab ki tahrer men un ki ketab jo sislalh war aati thi parhi thi bhut sakoon milaa or pharh kar auila ikaram ky barey men tafseel se janana ka moqah milaa un he dino men jonab khan asif sb wafat paa gy thyyy
bead yeh sislah chlta rhaa men dubai aageyaa yahan bhut gee chaaa 1 bar pher auliaa ikaram par kuch parhny ko lkan kuch maysar nhi athaa pher mujy kitab gher ki web site mery frind ny bati orr mujy woh sab mill geya jo 1 parhny waly ko cchayy kitab gher ki yeh bhut achii koshesh hyy mujy bhut khosh we keh yahan parhny ky ly bhut kuch hyy thx kitab gher
saira nazam

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Posted 12/30/10 - 14:49:59:

This is excellent book. I want to buy this book or want to download. So that i can be able to take printout.
Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib
Posted 11/08/10 - 01:33:53:
Subject: Aulia-e-ALLAH
Asalam-o-Alekum Brothers

This book is so beautiful. May ALLAH shower his kindness on the Author of the book as well as on the Kitaab Ghar Team.

Thanks smile
Posted 07/10/10 - 14:53:06:

mai dua dena chahti hon jis ne ye kitab online provide ki hai.jazakAALLAH. dil khush ho gia ye per k.
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Posted 06/27/10 - 20:33:33:
Subject: Typing Errors
disapprovaldisapprovaldisapproval very great book but the typing mistakes are too much specially when rehmatullah alaih comes every time. please check it for future.

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