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Chotha Yakka (Fourth Ace) Urdu Translation of an ace up my sleeve by Siraj ud Din Sheeda
Chotha Yakka (Fourth Ace) Urdu Translation of an ace up my sleeve by Siraj ud Din SheedaChotha Yakka (Fourth Ace) Urdu Translation of an ace up my sleeve by Siraj ud Din Sheeda


Chotha Yakka (Fourth Ace aka an Ace up my Sleeve) is a Crime Thriller Novel written by James Hadley Chase and translated into Urdu Language by Siraj-ud-Din Sheeda. The Novel is very interesting and written in an excellent manner. This is a typical crime novel and the villainous characters in the story are greedy and corrupt. None of these characters can betrusted and they are the type of people who will betray you when they get even a slightest chance. In the story, almost everybody is corrupt. The characters in this book are hankering for more and are least bothered about how they get more riches or wealth. One strange thing in this novel is that Chase gives the idea that morals may not always be worth following. Those who are good or honest and follow the ethics of society need not always get rewarded. On the contrary, it happens many a time that the ethical people have to suffer and the unethical do not get the punishment they deserve. This novel may surprise those who feel that the ethical are always or should always be rewarded. In this novel, there are various sorts of characters. There are rich people and yet resort to crime. There are also middle-class people and resort to crime, thinking that crime will help them lead a better life. It is nice to read the differing criminal ways of the middle-class and the rich. Siraj ud Din Sheeda translated this novel into Urdu for the very popular Kamran Series Rawalpindi, introduced back in 70s and 80s to translate popular english crime mystery and detective novels in urdu langauge. Kamran Series (not Inspector Kamran Series which was detective series for kids) got very popular among urdu jasoosi novel readers. Kitaab Ghar has selected some of the Novels of Kamran Series to be re-produced online for the new generation and for those who already read them in past but wish to read them again. Novels of Kamran Series are rare now and only available on old book shops. We hope kitaabghar.com readers will like this beautiful blend of crime mystery and detective themes story.

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