Ababeel Swallow episode 4 Romantic Urdu Novel by Muhammad Shoaib for Online Reading at Kitab Ghar. Ababeel is a story of young man who had some extra ordinary abilities. Some powerful people wanted to control him and use his extra ordinary abilities to their own benefits. He had to discover the source of his abilities and see many ups and downs during this quest. Ababeel is also story of a young woman who wanted everything and can go to any limit for her success. She is a truth seeker and when she is introduced to Islam, her life gets totally changed.

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Muhajir Migrant a Travelogue style Urdu Novel based on true heart touching story by Rizwan Ghuman Germany. Muhajir is a story of young pakistani man who wanted to sneak into America without visa. The novel is dedicated to those youngsters who died in hope of good future trying to reach Muscat, Dubai, Greece and Germany illegaly through agents. This novel is dedicated to those youngsters who died in the mountains and occeans of Turkey and Greece and to those mothers whose eyes are still teary in waiting of their lost sons..