Aasaib (Haunting Ghost Apparition Spectre), A Suspense Crime Thriller Novel, by Sabir Ali Hashmi Urdu Novelist and Story Writer

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Aasaib (Haunting Ghost Apparition, Spectre) Suspense Crime Thriller Novel written by Sabir Ali Hashmi

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Aasaib (Haunting Ghost, Apparition, Spectre) is a short Suspense Crime Thriller Novel written by Sabir Ali Hashmi Urdu Novelist and Writer. Its a story of a girl who all of a sudden found herself caught in the unexplained things under strange circumstances. Some one is after her, chasing and scaring her. She kept running from one place to another met some persons to find whats going on but those who she met, found dead after their meetings. She was an american tourist in Japan, Hong Kong and could not go anywhere for help and don't know who to trust. American Home Security and Japanese Police also treating her a suspect, cos she was found at many crime scenes at wrong times. She later got kidnapped and kidnappers demaded 20 million ransom. Who were the criminals? Who were after her and her wealth? Who betrayed who and who protected who? Learn all this and more by reading this interesting crime thriller novel.

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