Apradhi : Culprit (A Suspense Thriller Horror Mystry Novel about reallity of Jinns and Demons) by Razzaq Shahid Kohler

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Apradhi (Culprit) is Horror Novel by Razzaq Shahid Kohler

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Apradhi (Culprit) is Suspense Thriller Spine Chilling Horror Novel by Razzaq Shahid Kohler. Its a fiction story but based on the fact of battle between Black Magic, Evil Powers from Darkside and the good souls of brave men and jinns (genie). Mr. Razzaq Shahid did a good research work on the invisible shape shifter fiery creatures (dJinns) before writing this story. He also added very valuable information about the jinns in the begining of the novel (after foreword from page 3 to 7). Those readers who want to know about the reallity of Jinns and how they affect human's life, should read this book. The main goal of this story is to explain things about these invisible creatures who are bad and some nice as well.

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