Shab'e Arzoo Ka Alam & Biaban Mein Hay Muntazir Lala Kab Se by Aneeza Syed (Two All Time Favourite Novelettes)

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Shabe Arzoo Ka Alam is a book containing 2 Novelettes (Shab-e-Arzoo Ka Alam & Bayaban Mein He Muntazir Lala Kab Se) by Aneeza Syed who is a Senior and Most Popular Writer, writing in Magazines and Digests Since Long Time. She has also started writing TV Drama Scripts for many Projects on Different Tv Channels. Shab-e-Arzoo Ka Alam is a long novelette published in digest in 3 episodes. Readers loved this story and this story drew huge response. Kiran, the leading character of this novelette, with her high moral values and strong character, she became a role model and inspired so many young girls who wanted to be like her. Her other short novelette included in this book is Biaban Me Hay Muntazir Lala Kab Se. Its basically a love story but sometimes love gets eternal in a total different way. It also reflects our struggles and sacrifices we made in history to keep alive our identity. We hope, Aneeza Syed's fans will find this book interesting and good addition to

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